Call for Papers: NISA Conference 2019 - Old wine, new bottles? The transforming discipline of intelligence collection

NOTE: the CfP deadline has been extended to Friday 9 August 2019. The conference announcement is now available, including keynote speakers: James Risen (The Intercept), Dr Paul Killworth (GCHQ) & Dr Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab / University of Toronto).

We welcome paper submissions for the following upcoming NISA conference:

Loyalty and Secret Intelligence: Anglo‒Dutch Cooperation during World War II door Eleni Braat

Secrecy and informal organisation produce, sustain, and reinforce feelings of loyalty within intelligence and security services. This article demonstrates that loyalty is needed for cooperation between intelligence partners as well as within and between services. Under many circumstances, loyalty plays a larger role in the level of internal and external collaboration than formal work processes along hierarchical lines. These findings are empirically based on the case study of Anglo‒Dutch intelligence cooperation during World War II.